Sep 252012

After surviving 3 birthday parties this weekend, I realized a couple of things:

1. cake is officially a staple in my kiddos’ diets

2. we need to add “party gifts” to our monthly budget

We’ve got another 2 parties this weekend so I’ve got to prepare. My favorite part of the prep is always the gift wrap. I find it so special to add a personalized touch to a present…it’s just kind of my thing.  And while a five year old might not appreciate the pretty gift wrapping , it still looks fab on the gift table and is so much fun to give.  So, in honor of making personalized presents easier for you {our fabulous readers!} I’ve found my inner martha  and created FREE printable, monogrammed gift tags-one in every letter of the alphabet.


Let’s face it: the gift tag is so much easier than the card-it’s attached to the ribbon so it can’t fall off {how many times has your kid lost the card and you don’t know who the present is from?}  Mix it with all kinds of different packaging…my favorite is kraft paper & baker’s twine.  I also like to use all different kinds of materials for wrapping-shoe laces, trader joes bags, good ‘ole newspaper and more….   I’ll even {sometimes} give up some creative control to the girls and allow them to draw {uh…yikes, messy} on the kraft paper in an effort to further personalize the present for “their” friend {I have to remind myself it’s NOT for my friend}.


  I also love adding a special topper-faux ‘staches, candy sticks, jewelry, a bag of coins..that sort of thing.  And while  I don’t always know if I’ve got the “right gift,” I do always know it’ll look good.


 If you’re into the gift tag thing &  the monogram thing like I am {or are willing to try it}…please feel free to use our printables. They’re bright, they’re eye-appealing, and they’re FREE!  If you like them, let us know…we’re happy to make more.

cheers to all the {birthday} party rockers in the houzz tonight….

To use: download the attached PDF’s, print on cardstock or heavy-weight paper, cut and punch hole.

Monogram TagsABCD     MonogramTagsEFGH     MonogramTagsIJKL   MonogramTagsMNOP

MonogramTagsQRST     MonogramTagsUVWX     MonogramTagsYZ

Please note: TAGS are large- to make them smaller print them at a lower percentage rate.

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  17 Responses to “MAKE: Personalize Your Presents with Our Monogram Tags”

  1. These are so cute and actually fun for all ages – even adults. :)

  2. Thank you! These are awesome!!

  3. So in live with these! I’m giddy now. It’s things like this….that make a momma oh so happy!
    Thank you for making my day!

  4. These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing them!!

  5. Very fun! Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much for these! I have used them for an Ethan, Vivienne and Margaret. :) They are perfect and so cute.

  7. Love these! Could you make these available in red for Christmas? That would be awesome!

  8. Love this! But is there a way I can print out only one specific letter instead of printing out the whole page?

  9. Thank you so much for these printables! They are just perfect. I am linking to your blog!


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