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It’s officially OCTOBER and usually this means fall decorating. Now I must admit, I am not a lover of  pumpkins/gourds but we aren’t left with many options for fall decor besides fall branches, acorns and….oh yeah…gourds. So last week I picked up a group of them at the grocery store in an effort to inspire me to start decorating.


And, although my first small steps are not all-that-original or creative, I am quite happy with how they turned out and how affordable it was. I simply painted the pumpkins/gourds in a few different, pretty, non-traditional fall colors-robin’s egg blue, navy, copper and champagne…a pallette inspired by pinterest and my current acrylic craft paint supply.

Here’s how easy it is:

1. Gather a few supplies: acrylic craft paint {or spraypaint-even easier}, paint brushes and foam brushes, something to put the paint on {I used an old egg carton}, and a cup of water

2. Brush or spray the pumpkins/gourds the color of your liking. If you are painting them, make sure to let the acrylic craft paint dry for 15-20 minutes and apply second coat as needed. If spray painting, wait 7-10 minutes before re-applying.

3. Display! This DIY is DONE….


I chose to display mine in my new tabletop terrarium until I get motivated enough to get my micro herb garden up and running in it. They make a great tabletop display and my favorite part is that I still get to enjoy the feel of fall without the look of bright orange pumpkins!

A few other ideas:

1. use chalkboard paint and write  fun words with chalk on them

2. spray them all the same color-like 18K gold! Adds some golden sparkle to your decor

3. go for stripes or chevron-first paint the pumpkin a solid white, let dry, and then apply painters tape to tape off where you want the stripes/chevron zig zag

just a few ideas to FALL into this month…

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  22 Responses to “MAKE: Paint Your Pumpkins!”

  1. Love this idea! It’s hard to decorate for fall without being over the top ORANGE! Love this idea!

  2. I saw a pic on Pinterest of a pumpkin painted black, then carved. So when it was lit, it really glowed!

  3. Wow, I am so inspired to paint some pumpkins. I just love the colors.
    I am a fellow blog class person and think I should just quit now! Honestly your design and content are so great.

  4. I found you from Jones Design Co. I am excited for a blog from AZ as we are new to the area. Thanks for all the great ideas. May I ask where you bought your terrarium?

    • Jennifer-Welcome to AZ-we are so glad to have another local reader! Got the terrarium at Pottery Barn on sale for $31.97! It was a true STEAL! Thanks again for reading and stopping by!

  5. I love your blog!! It is so cute!! I am a regular blog reader at JDC and when she mentioned your blog today, I couldn’t wait to read a new blog! You absolutely didn’t disappoint! I love this blog!! Great job! Can’t wait to see what you ladies come up with next!

  6. Disa & Katie,
    The pumpkin & gourd colors are fabulous! I looked at them yesterday and we nah…so blah! Think I’ll change my mind my next trip! I’m visiting from JDC site and wanted to drop you a line. I LOVE how you laid out the content – easy tabs! I do have to scroll to the right to see the right side of your page, but may just be my settings. I love what you have here and it’s a clean look! Continued good luck!!

    • Thanks Camiolle! We love all of the feedback..please keep visiting our site. We will look into our settings..our page may be a bit too wide so thanks for the heads up!

  7. I love this idea! I think I’ll make it an afternoon project with my daughters. thanks!

    • Thanks Hillary!

      I had my girls paint a few this afternoon {good 1/2 day activity}-needless to say, they LOVED IT! Their’s were slightly messy but what matters is that they had fun doing it and it was less of a mess than hollowing out a pumpkin to carve :). Hope you keep visiting our site.

  8. This is so lovely!! I’m a fellow blog-classer and felt like I immediately had new friends to meet! Your blog is so pretty – and I adore this project idea.

    • Katie, fellow classmate….thanks for the feedback. I stopped by your site today too…SO SO IMPRESSED! LOVE IT! I love that we have such a great family amongst the BLOG CLASS!hope you keep visiting!

  9. Visiting from JDC. Your blog looks great and is so inspiring for a fellow “new” kid on the block.

    • Thanks Stacey. The Blog Class has been an absolutely amazing experience for us! We owe so much of it to Emily and her husband for creating such a user friendly online tutorial class that literally takes you step-by-step!

  10. Hello!
    I came over from JDC – Love your blog! I am just starting the blog class {so you will notice there isn’t much to my blog yet!} but I love your blog!!! I will be following the RSS feed and I look forward to what you will post!

    I am thinking about hosting a pumpkin painting party soon, so this is giving me inspiration!

    Keep up the good work – fellow Blog classmate!!! :)


    • Hi Lindsay, thanks for the feedback! Just visited your site-your layout, header, background look great…can’t wait to read once you get it going with all of your content. The BLOG CLASS is amazing, isn’t it. Anyway, we are glad to have you follow us and we hope we don’t disappoint. All the luck with your blog!-Disa @thedaily5

  11. I love the look of your pumpkins in the terrarium.
    The colors are delightful!
    Good luck with your blog-
    it looks fantastic!


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