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School is officially in full swing, soccer practice has started and we are back to birthday parties galore!  With all the chaos and activity in our daily lives, I find my kiddos are forgetting to do the basics-like make their bed-without hearing me ask them to do it several times…and usually by the third or fourth time, my voice doesn’t sound so pleasant.  In an effort to stop hearing myself repeat the same thing over and over and hopefully get some cooperation from the kiddos, I created an easy and visible reminder of what they need to do everyday: a chore board.
We’ve all started them. If you’re like me, you’ve stuck with it for awhile and then it gets lost or forgotten about and we get lazy. Well, this time I am determined to stick with it…at least for a while.  That’s why  I made sure to have it be:
                              1. Something that my girls can use all by themselves and will work as they get older
                              2. Adaptable, so that I can easily switch jobs/remove/add
                             3. Aesthetically appealing- it will be hanging in my kitchen
                             4. A reminder that teaches my girls responsibility and satisfaction from a job well done {think allowance!}
Now for the tutorial on how I made mine.

Photo 1:  Find or buy a frame the size you’d like the chore board to be. I had an old white oversized frame I used. Remove the glass and mat. There should be a board (usually cardboard} behind the mat. Take it out as you will use it to adhere your fabric to. Set aside the frame and the frame backing for later.

Photo 2: Gather your supplies.  You can use fabric of your choice-linen looks great and so does burlap.  I used this grey chevron heavyweight cotton fabric {found @ hobby lobby for $8.99/yd.  With coupon it only cost me $4.07 for the size I needed}  You’ll also need a hot glue gun, scissors, heavyweight string {I used a jute string}, small clothes pins, store bought or printable labels {I got mine off of my favorite blog, find the gift tag template here:} printed on heavy cardstock, a hole punch, and re-inforcements for your labels.
Photo 3:  Next, using your PRE-WASHED fabric, iron the fabric with spray starch.  Make sure to iron on the back side of your fabric so the starchy, white residue that sometimes gets left behind doesn’t get left behind on the front of the fabric.
Photo 4:  Lay your fabric face down on a large working surface and lay the cardboard from the frame over it.  Using a ruler, measure and mark the fabric 2 inches wider than the board.  Now cut.  Once cut, use a glue gun to secure the fabric to the board.  Glue approx 1-1 1/2 inches from the border of the cardboard and pull the fabric tightly while adhering it to the board. Use your hands to smooth over any bumps. {Reminder: the back of the board does not need to look perfect-once the frame is re-assembled with the backing, it will hide and secure all those details}.
Photo 5: With board front side-down, wrap jute string around the front of board determining where you want your first string of chores, secure tightly with a double knot. Cut ends.
Photo 6:. Repeat this step for every additional kiddo. {I have two girls, therefore, I have two rows of jute string}  Make sure to keep the strings equal distance from each other and leave room at the top of your board and at the bottom of your board where the chore labels will hang.
Photo 7:  Fabric right-side up, re-insert board back into the original frame. Put the backing on the frame and secure.
Photo 8: Now, assuming you have printed out your customized labels on heavy duty card stock, cut them out, punch a hole in the top, and secure with a re-inforcement sticker.  You can also hand write on pre-made labels/tags of your choice found at any craft store.  Make sure to draw or use a sticker on the back of the label to indicate the chore is complete.  I chose to use a happy face.  Other ideas would be a big red “X” or maybe a “checkmark.”
Photo 9: Using your clothespins, pin up the appropriate chores per kiddo. {Most of the daily chores, especially for my little one, tend to be routine things they need to get done but need reminding of…ie: brushing teeth, hair}.
Photo 10: Complete your board with either a personalized photo of each kiddo next to their chores or maybe a monogram of their first initial.  Next, add a header to your board.  You can download mine here and customize it with your own family name: daily chores header.  Secure to your board with tacks, glue or even tape…. Voila!-a family chore board that’s easy on the eyes!
Give the kiddos a quick tutorial on how to use the chore board:
1. once their chore is completed for the day, they flip the card over
2. A happy face =a completed chore
3.A row of happy faces = a happy family
So dive into this quickie project and bring some peace to your morning/evening routine! You’ll find you’re not yelling as much & your kiddos will be happy to earn a happy face…& maybe a buck or two!
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  35 Responses to “MAKE: A CHORE BOARD”

  1. So cute, you should submit it to the blog ucreate.

  2. Oh thats great! I have Aidens on a chalkboard that gets erased and then I need to rewrite over and over! This is a much better way!

  3. Next question; how much do you charge to make one? Yours turned out so nice!

  4. I’d be happy to make them! I’d just charge cost of goods + $20. It’s especially cheap if you already have a frame to use!

  5. LOVE this! Thanks for posting!

  6. I LOVE this and can’t wait to try it! I’ve been wanting to add a little chevron to my room and now I can without painting the room or buying a rug. You gals ROCK and love all your wonderful ideas!!

  7. Oh my goodness… we are in dire need of order around here and your board is beautiful! Thanks so much for the inspiration… it is going to help this family out a lot!

    Take care,


  8. ok silly question. where did you find the smiley face, it’s perfect :)

    • Heather…not a silly question at all. I googled happy face clip art images and it was one of many. I just opened the image in a new tab and then copied it into a document. I printed a whole sheet of them up on label/sticker paper and then cut them out to adhere them to the back of my chore tabs.

  9. This is so unbelievably cute and functional. Way to go! I want to make one now! If only my littles could read…. ; ) Maybe I’ll make one for me and the husband.

    • Caroline! Another fun option-make the board with the strings and hang pictures, etc on it…Or- you could use pictures of their chores instead of words :). Thanks for the positive feedback. We love it!

  10. This is fantastic! I have been searching for a chore chart and this one speaks to me! I can’t wait to make it and to have my kids use it. They have actually been begging me to make them a chore chart. We will see how long the excitment lasts!

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  13. OMG – I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this chart – just what I’ve been looking for. So I have a couple of IT questions (I really am bad with editing stuff…I’m so sorry), here goes:
    1) how do you edit the family name header?
    2) how do you edit the tags?

    Many many thanks for your help and the fantastic chore chart!

    • Sally! Glad you LOVE the chore chart….Here are the answers you’re looking for:

      1. Open the Choreboard Header and SAVE as a PDF on your desktop
      2. Open it from your desktop with Adobe Acrobat-it’ll open it in PDF form
      3. Click on “TOOLS” on the right hand side of screen
      4. Click on “CONTENT” under TOOLS on the right hand side of the screen
      5. Click on “add or edit text”
      6. At this point it should allow you to type inside the header box to personalize

      With regards to editing the tags…

      1.First go to the link for the tags at
      2. Next once you have opened the template for the gift tags, FOLLOW STEPS 1-6 from above

      I hope this helps. if you get stuck, give us a shout out, I’ll be happy to helps :)

  14. Thank you! .

  15. Thank you! .

  16. Disa (& Katie), This blog is absolutely wonderful! My girlfriends and I have fallen in love!! Just made the chore chart today and found the same fabric (far too cute to pass up)! I totally have missed the craft gene- but this is an easy one to do! Thanks for sharing all of your AMAZING ideas!
    Much love,
    Leigh (Robertson) Harris

    • LEIGH! SO GLAD YOU LOVE IT…thanks for passing it along to all of your friends. We love the support! Keep the comments coming…we hope to continue to impress you! Thanks again!!

  17. Might use this for my wedding – instead of chore tags, it will be a seating chart for the reception :)

  18. Just what I need! This is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s creative people like you that make my life so much easier since I am not. was hoping you could assist me with the labels and header. I have downloaded both and saved them to my desktop when I open it in PDF I go to the tools books but I do not have the edit section. I assume I only have the basic version of Adobe. Are there any other suggestions of how I can get the labels?

  19. This is the CUTEST job chart I have ever seen! Can’t wait to make one; thanks for sharing!

  20. This may be a stupid question, but how do you type in your own info on the templates? I’m not sure how to insert print onto the gift tags or the “daily chores” since they are pdf’s and I don’t know how to modify them….any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  22. Thank You! This is just what I’ve been looking for!


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