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I love to enjoy lazy breakfasts outside on the back porch while sipping my tea.  But let’s be honest, that only happens once in a blue moon!  I’m pretty sure most mornings I’m running around like a crazy lady {not sitting outside enjoying the fresh morning air!} trying to get kids fed and out the door for the day.  And those kids of mine can only eat so many waffles and bowls of cereal, so I am always looking for healthy, quick breakfast ideas!  That’s when I came across the most fabulous recipe from!  Baked Egg Boats- not only are they super tasty, they are also super easy to make.

Click HERE for recipe


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The kids love, love, love helping with this breakfast ,{my boys think cracking eggs  is the next best thing to ice cream} and when the egg boats come out of the oven they think it’s pretty cool to have boat races across the kitchen counter!   So while I will keep dreaming of relaxing mornings soaking up the sun,  I will also embrace the craziness and jump into a boat race or two!  Happy sailing!

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  2 Responses to “EAT: Baked Egg Boats!”

  1. stopped by from Jones and Co. these look absolutely yummy. Have you made them with more common cheese like plain Jane cheddar or is this a recipe that just calls for fine ingredients?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Cindy! These are so delish & easy!! You can defiantly use any kind of cheese-I used cheddar for my kiddos boats {gruyere has way to strong of a flavor for them!} and they were just as tasty! Let us know how yours turn out! We hope you continue to enjoy our blog!!


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