Sep 272012

Hooray! School Picture Day is just around the corner.  It’s almost time to get out the blow dryers, iron the shirts, find the fancy hair bows and flash those pearly whites….

 Who are we kidding?  We know picture day is synonymous with awkward poses and unnatural smiles. However, it’s part of every kids life for 13 years-like it or not, so let’s at least get the clothes right!

Between the two of us, with five kiddos in four different grades, we’ve got lots of little ones to gussy up for the camera!  And we know the clock is ticking-we don’t have many more years where we mamas get to pick out picture day clothes!  So…while we still have {a little} time, we will take full advantage of it!!

 Here’s what we love for PICTURE DAY 2012:

school pictures

We put together the MOST PERFECT outfits for our little ones at Crewcuts, by JCrew!  These adorable ensembles are  preppy and cute with bright colors-perfect for picture day, right?  Plus, they’re wearable-there’s nothing overly fussy or  uncomfortable in these threads.

And, although these clothes are super cute, we’re pretty sure  in 20 years our kiddos will look back  and wonder what the heck we were thinking when we dressed them.  I mean, come on, we still wonder why we were dressed in jumpers with roosters on them. {We’re also still wondering why our hair was brushed with the weird black comb the photographer gave us-yikes!}

 So this Picture Day  let’s smile big…and don’t forget to say CHEESE!













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